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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

I’m just going to jump right in here.  I am the least likely “blogger”.  When I think of a “blogger” ... My mind immediately jumps to really gorgeous trophy wives that are looking for a “creative outlet” to share their love of fashion and inadvertently showcase their perfect lives and homes ... Unfortunately their idea of fashion is all expensive designer stuff ... which isn’t relatable to me ... I am ALL about a designer handbag or belt that basically makes a $20 Amazon jumpsuit look super chic and like it cost $500 (and knowing there is resale value there) but I can't relate to $400 sweaters. They are all a size xx small ... so, I am pretty sure EVERYTHING looks cute in an extra extra small ... but what does it look like on a regular girl in a size Large with a long torso or no butt? 

Hi ... my name is Michelle.  My life isn’t perfect, but I'm still showing up everyday!  I’ve had many ups and downs and forks in the road ... I have good tips about the most random stuff that’s actually relatable ... like easy recipes ... cheap travel ... ways to redecorate your living room ... fun craft projects ... good deals I find ... home renovation ... what clothes look like in a size large ... you know ... just REAL honest normal stuff.  I promise my posts won’t make you feel like crap.  They’ll make you want to make enchiladas or try to make homemade soap though!  I dont really have a lot of friends to share this stuff with ... So if you want to be internet besties ... here I am!!!

I'm not an author, actor or blogger ... this site doesn't have spell check ... and I didn't go to college. I'm just a normal person, who's brave enough to put myself out there ... so we can all share life hacks and inspire each other to be our best selves ... AND because my Instagram highlight reel is full ... I get a ton of messages asking for these imperfect videos to be saved - there is actually some great stuff on here! So please be kind to me ... my weight fluctuates ... my house can get messy ... I accidentially cuss ... I have way too many pets ... my husband and kids drive me crazy somedays ... I could go on forever ... but remember ... I'm just going to be me.

I’m going to share with you on another post more about my personal story - but I’m going give you a sneak preview:

I didn’t finish high school and I started working because we were poor. Somehow I managed to get a job as a receptionist/front desk girl at a furniture store (more on this later) And that snowballed into me opening my very first store when I was 25 - all on credit cards, hopes and dreams. I did it! I was so proud of myself and I was starting to save a little bit of money and I could help my Dad and Grandma financially and I was making them proud FINALLY.

After opening a second location ... many years, twists and turns in the plot (I’ll tell you all of them later) I eventually had to go out of business and it about devastated me. I had absolutely no back up plan, I needed to declare bankruptcy ... My personal relationships were being affected because I was so angry at the world and myself. I was scared and broke. I literally started selling a few of my more expensive items like a couple Louis Vuitton handbags for extra money until I could figure out what to do next ...

After I closed the stores, I literally did not want to leave my house. I was so embarrassed. People who I was friends with pretended not to see me at the store ... People were talking about me obviously ... small area ... My self-esteem was nonexistent and I was even wondering if during my successful times, if it was actually me - or if I just got lucky. So when I was selling my used Louis Vuitton’s for extra cash, I had this idea to upcycle them and it was perfect because I could make these bags from home ... and not show my face around town. My husband thought this was a horrible idea and actually said to me “Michelle, you just went out of business ... how could you possibly think of starting another one”. In his defense it sounded crazy and it was going to tie up a little bit of money that we definitely did not have after losing my income. I did it anyway ... I don’t know how the hell it happened ... but the business just sort of took off ... it snowballed and as it grew my self-esteem started growing back with it - I swear I felt like The Little Train That Could ... It’s like all of the positive things I learned from the furniture stores I could apply here in some way and all of those poor choices I made - not to do those again!

So three years ago - I never wanted to show my face again or talk about any of this - I wanted to crawl under a rock and to move away, but couldn't because my 93 y/o Grandma lived with me after my Dad passed away, my husbands job and the kids - I hired models to do my photos ... It took me 2 YEARS to warm up to just holding the phone and narrating a cooking story ... but I NEVER showed my face or said my name on IG. Massively insecure ... Well ... here I am ... I realized a big failure doesnt define you. It's what you do about it that does. I just put my head down and started working. So I've slowly opened up ... You know why? The truth sets you free ... Saying it out loud and then just talking about it allowed me to process and heal ... and not be held captive anymore because I learned I don’t really care what anybody thinks - I care more about what I think about myself ... and if I’m making good choices for my own well being - Oh well if somebody gossips about me. When I shared my story it encouraged a lot of people ... I had no idea ... I thought it was just me with a disasterous life ... come to find out I'm not alone!

So now I also want to encourage you ... If this would not have worked out - I probably would have given up - and I would be in a literal depression ... and I am so lucky it worked out ... It was hard the first year or two but I just kept at it - so try hard at whatever you’re doing and I PROMISE you’ll succeed at it. Also ... sometimes those roadblocks ... like me having to close my stores ... ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to me ... so when you’re going through hard times remember theres a rainbow on the other side of the storm. I wish I had someone to encourage me in my hardest times ... if someone would have said "Yes! It's going to be fine ... just keep going" that would have comforted me and saved me a lot of anxiety. So I am here to tell you MY story ... Remind you when God closes a door, He will also open a window ... those storms in our lives ... they wash away all the debris that was holding us back and the sun starts shining again soon ... you just have to let it and not dwell on the past. Focus on the PRESENT and work towards your future goals by your actions everyday. I ask myself ... is this in allignment with my goals?

At the age of 38 ... I finally really am ok with being my true authentic self ... I have realized we all struggle with insecurities because we compare our behind the scenes with everyones highlight reel. There's no comparison between the sun and moon, they both shine when it's there time.

If I go out of business tomorrow - guess what ... at least I now know that I can do another business or start over ... because now I know the secret: JUST START