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I don’t even know where to start but how about this:

Shopping in your pajamas, while eating ice cream in bed, having it delivered the next day ... if you don’t like it you can easily return ... You don’t even have to print a shipping label anymore - and they send UPS to pick it up. I mean does it get any better than that?



So there aren’t a lot of options where I live to shop ... and technically I live in the country so it’s a pretty decent drive to get anywhere so the internet has saved me. Couple on top of that - I work more than full-time ... have a family and 7 pets ... so my time is limited and valuable.

So initially I started taking advantage of Amazon when prime first came out and I have a monthly subscription to many basic items ... Laundry detergent to dog food and it’s all I delivered monthly and it’s amazing!!! I can definitely wait a day rather than having to make a trip into town for basically anything!!!

Then I started dabbling with random things here and there and somehow over the last year I became a full-blown addict.

I slowly started experimenting with the clothing and I realized really quickly that it was really not bad ... I was expecting it to be cheap stuff that was basically disposable after one wear and I was shocked at how good the quality was and how easily you could up style any outfit with a few designer accessories ...


I have to admit what threw me over the edge and made me start sharing my favorite things ...was a bracelet from Amazon. People loved my up-styling tips ... and the fact that I would try on the clothes and share my weight ... and problem areas and how these clothes looked on REAL PEOPLE ... c'mon now - we all see through when skinny hot girls wear basically anything it looks great on them ... whats it going to look like on the rest of us? So me trying on stuff is a lot more representational to a normal women ... and people kept asking me to save them to my Instagram highlights - but there just got to be so many ... so now we’re here!

Back to the bracelet ... I found this replica gold bracelet that looked very close to the real deal. It was like $20. I figured what the heck because it was on Amazon prime so I thought I would try it out and if it sucked I'd return it. When it came it actually looked GREAT!

So I put it on and the next day an acquaintance saw it and her eyes got big and she asked me “oh my gosh when did you get that???” I stalled for a few seconds and I thought about it and I realized ... There’s no way I’m going to lie to her ... but at the same time - gosh it’s sort of embarrassing that I’m buying a knock off from Amazon ... but I just told her the truth and she got SO excited and told me something I’ll never forget ... She basically said that she had seen multiple people wearing one and she could not wrap her head around how people could afford a $6500 bracelet ... she felt that she and her husband worked full time jobs and they made good financial choices - but couldn’t justify spending $6500 on something so frivolous ... And couldn’t figure out what they were doing wrong.

WOW. She's not doing ANYTHING wrong!!! She’s actually a victim of social media ... and the whole societal norm BS ... and keeping up with the Jones/Kardashians ...


So at the end of the conversation ... I basically told her where I got it ... sent her the link ... she ordered it and was thrilled to pieces ... and I felt great knowing that I didn’t perpetuate the lie ... Now she sees through it and realizes there’s a lot of people pretending to be fancy but are really buying $20 Amazon knock off’s like me ... Its not a DIRECT knock off ... its just really close ... I am all about splurging on a SPECIAL piece like a purse, boots or belt ... that goes with EVERYTHING you own and lets you dress up the most basic outfit ... but those are leather goods that last a lifetime and are timeless.

So then I realized, gosh ... maybe I should tell my other friends ... because maybe they feel the same way as her ... and what do you know - every single one of them was shocked and delighted to find out they too could buy this $20 bracelet ... and to give the clothes a shot

But the truth is ... Amazon really does have cute stuff and there are a lot of home runs ... yes there are a handful of misses ... but with prime it’s a breeze to return or even order multiple sizes if you’re unsure ... They have real customer reviews which are honestly invaluable ... They even have pictures on normal sized people. And I’m all about saving money and staying on trend ... so it’s a perfect price point for me ... and you can’t beat the convenience.