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Fall Tablescape

I can't be the only one who likes to decorate seasonally ... right?


I love having seasonal decorations on my dining room and entry table ... and some small touches here and there! It just freshens up your house and decor so you don’t get bored.

I love that you can put pumpkins out in September ... and basically get away with keeping them out for three whole months almost!!! I have accumulated quite a few over the years from TJ Maxx and Home Goods ... you just can’t beat there prices ... when I was in retail ... I couldn’t even buy the same items wholesale for there prices! So my collection is totally random but if I was starting all over I have some tips! You definitely need to buy them in pairs or sets so it’s easier for you to coordinate and pull it all together and if you watch my video you’ll understand and see why!

I have always tried to stick with neutral colors in the same color palette BECAUSE they can stay out that long and orange is too strong of a color for 3 MONTHS ... And they’re easier to mix and match together.

When I actually entertain I really do enjoy setting a nice table. You should see peoples faces when they walk in and they see the extra effort you went to. And it’s such a minimal effort. You’re talking about under $50 worth of supplies that can last you years and years and a few extra minutes to set it up. Get yourself some chargers ... They basically hold each person’s place setting and it designates there spot even when they pick up their plate to serve themselves ... it also gives the table that extra volume or pop of color and texture so it looks more full and lush! And you’d be surprised how far a set of linen napkins go! I’ve had the same set of 12 for the last five years and I got them on Amazon for under 20 bucks and you just throw them in the washer! When people see a linen napkin it just elevates everything to the next level. Over a napkin.


So when I start my dining room table scape - I always use a runner down the middle of the table as a foundation. I run it lengthwise down the table but there are a ton of other fun options with table runners!!!

I always start with the tallest pumpkin in the center and I stagger in a zigzag pattern the next lower heights ... I always try to be aware that I don’t want to have to move this centerpiece - so it needs to be low enough so people can see over it so they can keep the conversation going ... and the things with height ... like when I use candles ... need to be thin or airy enough for that same effect.

Then I always fill in with greenery ... It just adds that final touch!!! And you can use the same greenery all year round with different table scapes!!!


I went through a phase when I was just totally exhausted and over it and I decided I was going to “paper plate it” and no one seemed to notice - except ME. I could do better then that ... it is worth the extra 30 minutes ... to enjoy the look on their faces and make them feel special. Think about that - how do you make your friends and loved ones feel special? I mean yes, you get them the obligatory Christmas gift ... But I really think it’s theses small things.

I know personally speaking, I could be a better friend. I have very few friends ... so I should really value them ... I should call more often, initiate more activities ... and I just don’t because I get wrapped up in my own life and work. Thank goodness they are low maintenance ... so this silly little stuff lets me show them I care ...