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Hand made soap DIY

This has to be my favorite craft to date and was the simplest!

I love homemade gifts! There’s something special knowing that somebody took time out of their day and actually make you something, versus buying you a gift card when they were in the checkout line at Walmart.

I also love doing arts and crafts with the kids!!! Some of my best memories are projects with my Mom and Grandma!!! I remember painting our own Christmas ornaments, gardening to sewing aprons ... You’re definitely spending quality time together and you’re showing them the art of actually making or doing something by hand and with love. 

I thought soap would be the perfect little DIY project to try out and it would make an adorable gift! Little did I know how truly simple it was and that basically I want to become a soap maker now!!!

We made three different kinds and they all have the same basic steps. All of our supplies are linked to our Amazon favorites under “crafts” and you should see all the different molds they have! After this batch ... Im OBSESSED with the 3D molds!




  • goat milk / glycerine

  • essential oils (I used lavender and rose)

  • coloring (optional)

  • flower petals

  • silicone molds

Also you'll need...

  • glass container

  • pot with water

  • wooden/metal spoon


  1. Cut up the block of soap into smaller squares and then you put them inside the glass container

  2. Get your double boiler ready or you can use a Mason jar and place it the middle of the pot with two inches filled up of cool water. Keep the heat on low.

  3. Start melting the soap! Gently stir it as the cubes melt down.

  4. Add any essential oils/colors you may want to add. Don't forget to keep stirring as you add these.

  5. Carefully remove the glass container off the pot and pour your soap into the mold.

  6. Let the soap cold down 20-30 minutes or when it's hard before popping them out.

I was already adding things to my Amazon cart mid-project because it was THAT fun and easy ... and the soap is totally gorgeous and smells so good!