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Pantry Organization

I actually did my pantry organization to prove a point that it was impossible to have a REAL pantry look like this. I thought for sure people staged their pantries for a photo shoot - and a week later it was probably back to normal.




I full on expected to only get about 25% of my belongings back in the pantry and have the rest all over the counters and floor ... But I thought it would be interesting to find out and at minimum I’d clean my pantry.

So I emptied everything out - It was sort of amazing how much was in that small space ... yikes ... and since I was really going for it ... I did the peel and stick wallpaper ... which was amazingly simple! I wish I would have only done the top - Because the other shelves aren’t visible after you put your stuff back away ... DUH ... But it was so quick and easy - whatever! I will definitely recommend wallpapering an accent wall or even using as drawer liners now!!!

So in summary (which I’m horrible at) If you actually organize everything by category and put it inside its own basket ... It basically serves like drawers and it makes everything so much easier to access ... because you can pull it out ... and the most important part is ... it gives everything a SPECIFIC home. So your kids have no excuse to just throw the cereal box in anywhere they know what goes in a specific basket - that’s labeled “BREAKFAST” ... Which also makes it so much easier when you’re trying to figure out what you need to buy at the store because you can actually see what you have.


I am telling you this really was life-changing and it’s been three months since I did this in my pantry still looks amazing and I don’t even believe it myself.

If you buy one thing - get the baskets. I personally like the water Hyacinth ones best because they hide what’s inside ... but I also love how cute the little metal ones look with it ... that’s really the trick ... THE BASKETS! oh and the can organizer was pretty amazing too ... Everything else is for looks ... I splurged and got those clear glass jars and the metal scoops ... I have always wanted that and truthfully it makes me smile every time I open the pantry and it was worth the $50 ... And the chalkboard labels just make me squeal with delight because it is THAT cute! I still can’t believe this is my actual pantry and all of my stuff fit back inside of it.

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