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Tips from a professional stylist

You’re not going to want to miss these ... probably my most highly requested items asked to save


So you know I’m Chatty Cathy ... so here’s the summary ... which is still going to be too long: Somehow I got lucky and I have a friend who owns the most trendy boutique in downtown San Luis Obispo. Where all the cool kids shop ... and I’m not cool ... and I am just starting to get a sense of who I am NOW as far as my wardrobe is concerned. I’m in this weird transitional stage. I’m in this middle age ... I’m not too old ... but I’m definitely not as young as I feel sometimes ... I was wearing more professional clothes when I worked a 9-5 all thru my mid 30’s ... and then basically went to staying home all the time and loosing my mojo ... So I wasn’t sure what my style was anymore! So when I booked my first photo shoot ... I wasn’t even sure what I liked ... so I asked if I could come and “borrow” a couple things ... get some help putting some outfits together ... thank sweet baby Jesus she said yes! We also we’re doing our shoot in downtown SLO ... so I got to use her fitting room too!!! So she kindly set aside a huge rack of clothes for me ... and paired it in outfits ... And each time I walked out of the dressing room ... her head Stylist stopped me and basically “fixed” me ... and would select my shoes ... I mean talk about FANCY! I felt like Oprah ... so THIS is what it’s like!!! So I inadvertently got a stylist that day too!!! It’s like I hit the jackpot!

Anyhow ... sorry ... squirrel!!! So I learned so many things!!! Like who’d have known this stuff?!?

So I asked if I could come back and if she’d share that stuff with me!!! They said YES!!!

So ... When I posted this I’m pretty sure it had the most views and was the most requested thing I’ve ever had to be saved to my highlights ... so this is it!

Definitely worth watching and again ... It’s so generous when people share all of their secrets ... I’m really grateful to them!!


  1. Twist and tuck ... MIND BLOWN ... and how to blouse out properly

  2. Things with drawstrings ... cinch it up ... but then pull all the fabric that gathers around waist to the BACK so the bulk of it goes there and doesn’t add to the bulk on the front (where your tummy is) and pleats nicely in the back so it’s flattering over your rear ... how did I not think of this?!

  3. Prints and textures = pulled together outfit that looks like a million bucks but it’s super easy to do!!!

  4. Long necklaces make you look thinner because it gives you that long vertical line down the middle!!!

  5. A closet basic - the shift dress - but how to spot one that hangs nicely and the importance of the back being longer and cap sleeves!!!

  6. Bodysuits! I thought they were off-limits because who wants a wedgy all day? OMG guys ... You don’t actually have to button them ... just tuck it in like a shirt ... duh!!!

  7. Side rouching - flattering for your behind

  8. Knotting your t-shirts in the back ... makes them more fitted AND can also make them looked cropped which is in and will save you money from having to buy new ones

  9. Graphic T shirts and skirts are a trend that’s here to stay for a while so go ahead and buy some!!!

  10. How to properly tow a sweater or jacket around your waist ... and tie off center

  11. When your tying knots - pull the fabric BEHIND the knot ... see video!

  12. You can turn all your long dresses into maxi skirts by adding a sweater on top

  13. Sweaters! You can totally twist and tuck, blouse out and even more importantly wear off the shoulder ... which may give an old sweater a facelift of your thinking outside the box!

That’s like a lot of info ...but then at the same time it’s really just basics that make total common sense!!! I promise if ANYTHING you’ll be twisting and tucking!!!

Huge shout out to Kannyn who owns Ambiance ... And Kalsee for being a fashion ninja!!!