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Charcuterie Board Basics

You will definitely want in on this when you find out how basic it is!

You need to get in on this - Because this is seriously effortless ... its all BASIC items you can have in your fridge or pantry that don’t go bad for ages ... so it’s perfect for last minute company and it looks super chic!!! It’s also usually really high protein items so it’s very filling and it is a wonderful substitute for dinner sometimes!

I love the term “rustic” for a reason ... that basically means it can be “not perfect”.

You can Google multiple different pairing options - but honestly I like to just keep it simple and stick with the basics. You’re really just looking for things that pair nicely together and have some variety.



Cheese: That’s the only thing in my refrigerator that is fully stocked at all times. I don’t think you can go wrong with basics like a nice cheddar, Swiss or Brie... whatever you feel comfortable with ...

Meats: get a few different types of salami ... They have this wonderful trio at Trader Joe’s that makes life simple ... but if I am really using a cheeseboard as a meal replacement ... I add cooked sausage and cut into small pieces so it’s even more hearty

Fruit: Grapes just look beautiful ... come in pretty colors and goes with the whole theme and most people like them ... I like having the sweet fruits to balance all the salty stuff! But you can be creative or you can stick with really simple classical things like pears and berries. I love dried cranberries ... because they are so small and tidy yet have big flavor!

Olives: Goes with the theme and I love having colorful bowls on the board ... and we need something to put inside of them!!!

Tapendade/Spreads: Bowl fillers! Just kidding ... sort of! They sell so many at Trader Joes ... its just another nice flavor and adds variety ...

Nuts: They are filled with protein ... pair nicely with cheese and fruit ... and you’re always going to have some health conscious person who doesn’t want to eat cheese there and they can eat all of your grapes and almonds ...

Crackers: get a variety ... I always like to get some type of tall breadstick to put near the middle of the board for height because everything is low lying ... and it’s nice to have like some type of centerpiece that draws your eye up

Garnishments: OK don’t skimp out here. You can easily go grab some branches or greenery from your yard or when you’re at the grocery store pick up some herbs like Rosemary and time and just stick them in there similarly to a table scape I am telling you this little touch is just like adding linen napkins ... it throws it off the charts and elevates it to the next level ... You’ll see in my video there’s really no rhyme or reason I’m just separating things so you can identify what they are and it just effortlessly goes together


Best part about almost all of these ingredients ... they are things that have a long shelf life in your pantry ... or fridge. The fruit is the only thing that doesn't ... which is why those dried cranberries come in so handy ... when we were on our honeymoon in Italy ... we actually had these boards with wine and made an entire meal out of it! It was so relaxing ... we started doing it at home and when friends came over ... you can graze all night and conversate ... this stuff is easy to prep in advance and just refill ... and if you have a bigger appetite ... I throw in some sausage I cut into pieces and a flatbread ... But my favorite part is this took 5 minutes ... people feel like its so fancy ... and are usually impressed ... and I feel like Martha Freaking Stewart